As a child, people told me to turn off the light whenever I left a room, because I should think of the polar bears. However, it always remained rather unclear how the polar bears at the North Pole would actually benefit from me flipping my light switch.

01. Elektrakastje
02. Watthour Cable Lamp
03. Watthour Table Lamp
04. Cable Video’s
05. Gas Visualisations
06. Process Book

07. Meterkastfoto’s


© 2023
Rosalie Apituley


Talk: Jeux de Joules
IABR, Het Nieuwe Instituut
3 Nov 2023 14:30 - 17:00

Nieuwe Instituut Museumpark 25 3015 CB Rotterdam


Creative Energy: ArtEZ x Alliander
13 okt 2023 10:00 - 12:00 Musis & Stadstheater,
Velperbinnensingel 15,
6811 BP Arnhem

Workshop: A Waste of Energy
Students of Product Design ArtEZ , with Gijs Schalkx
5 -8 Sept 2023

Academy of the Arts ArtEZ Arnhem 

Workshop: Arnhems Ondernemers Event
Interview met Alliander
9 Mei 2023 16:30 - 20:00 Musis & Stadstheater,
Velperbinnensingel 15,
6811 BP Arnhem

Interview: BNO DD Yearbook release

15 December 2022 16:30Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Workshop: Waag Open presentatie +
2 February 2023
(19:15 - 22:00)

Waag Futurelab

Talk: Arnhemse Nieuwe
15 October 2022 20:00Musis & Stadstheater,
Velperbinnensingel 15,
6811 BP Arnhem


DDW’23: “It Giet Oan!”
21-29 October 2023


DDW ‘22: Uit de Meterkast
22-30 October 2022Pennings Foundation,Geldropseweg 63, Eindhoven

GLUE Amsterdam
15-17 October 2022

Contactweg 47 1014 AN Amsterdam


Rosalie Apituley 

In 2022 Rosalie graduated (cum laude) with Product Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Her specialisations as a designer are mainly design research, concept development and social design.
She has a critical eye towards existing manifestations and systems, and enjoys to unravel complex matter. Her practice truly values the role of humour within design towards a more regenerative future.

“It is the role of designers to help form our infrastructures so all people can understand them again.”


+31 6 16160252