As a child, people told me to turn off the light whenever I left a room, because I should think of the polar bears. However, it always remained rather unclear how the polar bears at the North Pole would actually benefit from me flipping my light switch.

01. Elektrakastje
02. Watthour Cable Lamp
03. Watthour Table Lamp
04. Cable Video’s
05. Gas Visualisations
06. Process Book

07. Meterkastfoto’s


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Rosalie Apituley

01. Elektrakastje

This redesigned and transformed elektricity box is meant as a provokative object. Each disk displays a housenumber from the particular street, the electricity box is standing in. The disks are turning and are directly linked to the electricity meters in people’s houses. They form a reference to the old fashioned analogue electricity meters. This way the community around the street could be aware of each others electricity use behaviour.  When you are using more electricity,  the disk turns faster.  The size of the disks depends on the size of the household. When the household is not using any electricity the disk is standing still. When the household is owning solar panels the disk turns backwards when there energy is generated.