As a child, people told me to turn off the light whenever I left a room, because I should think of the polar bears. However, it always remained rather unclear how the polar bears at the North Pole would actually benefit from me flipping my light switch.

01. Elektrakastje
02. Watthour Cable Lamp
03. Watthour Table Lamp
04. Cable Video’s
05. Gas Visualisations
06. Process Book

07. Meterkastfoto’s


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Rosalie Apituley

02. Watthour Cable Lamp

The design of this lamp emphasizes on interactivity. By pulling the handle down, you can decide exactly how many Watthours of light you want to receive. Directly after pulling, the light switches on and after that it  will  roll itself up on the speed of the amount of energy it consumes

The lamp has a flow meter that measures the amount of energy that goes through, so when you mount an oldfashioned halogen bulb, it moves much quicker, than with a LED.

The samples of the cables are created in collaboration with the TextielMuseum in Tilburg